You have the chance to create the most OP champion for your role with every skill that already exist, show me your creation.

I think infinite scaling is the wrong way to look at this for Top laners. For a truly uninteractive and overloaded piece of shit, the place to look is buffing autos and including a taunt. Something like:

Passive: Darius Q: Trynd Q W: Trundle W E: Rammus E R: Jax R

For base stats add Irelia’s AA range and that would be an absolutely miserable opponent to face. Of course, since it’s Riot, if we really wanted to prototype the 400 years anime femboy toplaner they’re going to debut next, we should be looking to combine existing abilities within single abilities. Just having unbeatable dueling potential doesn’t give whales a chance to show “skill expression” by having a dash to bail them out (I mean “outplay”) dogshit positioning and map awareness. How about this?

Passive: Darius, with a scaling level component a la Kayla or Cass Q: Trynd Q, but when opponent has max hp 25% higher than yours you also get Vayne E W: Trundle W, can be recast after 2 seconds to have additional root effect of Lissandra W E: Rammus E, but if you move to a designated target area (marked like Draven axe) in time it can be recast as a Shen E with a new taunt R: Jax R that refreshes its duration on takedown

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