Chance the Rapper - The Big Day ALBUM REVIEW

You don't list the metric which leaves me confused as to your point. But Yeezus is worse lyrically than 95+% of AOTD candidates, not as experimental or interesting as most of the AOTD candidates, and it is very clearly rushed and flawed. The fact that you say Yeezus is a top 10 album of this decade but disinclude an album like TMS is absolutely mind boggling. Yeezus is a beginner's segue into experimental music and it's as good of a segue for experimental music as MMLP2 is for getting into hip hop.

2014 FHD is okay lyrically (overrated outside of this sub if we're being honest), good but not amazing production, and not very interesting at all. Any aspect of the album that might make it good, I could list 10 albums from this decade that do it much better.

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