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I say this to a lot of people. Kanye didn't go to prison for attempting a coup in Munich. He doesn't carry a gun or associate with socialists. He doesn't promote genocide or invasion of other countries. He's not flashing his mustache every time he removes his gas mask as he's climbing in and out of his panzerkampfwagen... he't not even a man whore. He's had like 2 girlfriends in 12 years, one of which he loved so much, she didn't even try to kill herself after they broke up. The lyric “Eatin’ Asian pussy, all I need was sweet and sour sauce” might not be the most romantic sounding thing anyone has ever heard, but it's pretty sweet and sour when you consider, in context, he's singing about how he wants to eat asian pussy, which is very loving, as opposed to all the other rappers who talk about they want to fuck everyone elses wive because all women are whores who don't deserve respect. Writing a song about how much you love oriental cuisine isn't something that should get you persecuted in the media. He talks about being the biggest rock star on the planet. He talks about the massive sacrifices he's made opining, "I’m just giving of my body on stage...I'm putting my life at risk. This is like being a police officer or war or something." He supports disabled people, upset at their own lack of effort and not having the courage to stand up out of their wheelchairs when he sings. He doesn't wear a swastika, or flash his naked swollen perineal skin at potential mates... he wears his own clothing line, and talks about it too. He's confident in his everything he does, and he's not open to the world thinking that he's wrong. You can't say he isn't a manifestation of your mind, and you're actually a schizophrenic in a mental institution. ... and yet the world hates him. Hitler's policies killed 12 million people, Mao's great famine wiped out 45 million people, Sway doesn't have all the answers. And yet people still read and learn about them in school. Where is Kanye in the history books? Kanye says "I will be the leader of a company that ends up being worth billions of dollars, because I got the answers. I understand culture. I am the nucleus.” and people want to strap Kanye's family to a wall, torture them slowly, removing pieces of their flesh, making them cook it, and then eat it. They want to rape his children with a toilet bowl cleaner, and then give them a gasoline enema and set them on fire. They want to poke Kanye's eyes out, remove his testicles, and put them in their opposite anatomical positions. Pretty sad.

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