Chancellor blamed as cabinet splits over single market

You mean the mighty uncompromisable 4 pillars? Like the service market? Which isn't complete.

Luxembourg get an immigration brake. It's not like the systems don't exist. Let's stop pretending the single market is some infallible, godlike set of rules that can never ever be changed or improved.

I didn't vote Leave. But I think it's pretty obvious freedom of movement is no longer viable in the world of mass population displacement + eventual citizenship + family reunification.

The 'special treatment/cherrypicking' narrative is pretty strong. There is also the fear that if we successfully exit that will inspire other nations. They think compromise is weakness. Personally I think inability to compromise is their weakness, if they had made some sensible, mutually beneficial (there are 2 sides to this, brain drain is a problem) compromise on freedom of movement we would have never voted Leave.

I'm also deeply skeptical of the value of the single market. I'm sure Leaving won't be an easy process, a recession is likely but I think that will have more to with confidence than anything significant changing within our economy.

Trade deals don't drive wealth creation, innovation drives growth. Oh look, that's our historical strength. We need to play to our strength. Deregulate a bunch of shit and do everything necessary to spur further innovation. The industrial revolution led to the largest empire the world had ever seen. We need to work towards something similar or we're fucked. Mars, sustainable resource infrastructure, genetics. There are lots of big problems to solve with vast potential for wealth creation.

Again I didn't vote Leave but there is a huge opportunity available from an exit. Currency devaluation means we shouldn't be remotely worried about getting venture capital. If you want investment, it's available. You can fucking tweet investors.

Plus we'll be able to buy some stuff at the global price rather than the inflated EU price. I'm not worried about tariffs (tariffs more negatively effect the market that implements, protectionism creates internal inefficiencies), in fact I hope we go zero tariff to start with.

The single market is working on the infinite growth myth. Look at the EU or wherever, all these developing nations that are progressing aren't actually innovating, there is a lot of copy+pasting. So consumption and competition is rising and global resource security is becoming a bigger issue every year. From a radical environmentalist perspective, I think you could make an argument the single market is somewhat suicidal.

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