I changed my body to keep from being molested

What would you say if someone made a post like this saying they wanted to be 60 lbs so they would be safer from abuse?

Because this is that same logic.

It’s not actually that different...unless maybe you subscribe to the “fat positive” political view. I obviously do not. No I am not changing my view.

I actually would say it is unhealthy af, and I am more towards that direction btw. It’s deadly. It’s not something that, unlike you imply, is showing compassion for yourself. How dare you say that. Shut your mouth.

We don’t have to pretend something like being overweight is healthy or a good idea just because it helps you survive. Tons of unhealthy af shit helped me survive. Doesn’t make it healthy and something I should continue. Doesn’t make it also not deadly.

With weight some people do seem to think that you can be as fat as you want and healthy. I personally don’t agree with that view and tbh I did expect to be downvoted. IDC tbh.

IDK what to say about your revelation tbh...when I actually read closer and you said having an eating disorder could be viewed as “compassionate” to yourself as well I like lol’ed at that obvious BS.

I can get into the details of having one if you like btw...but god, you are so off your rocker that I almost think you are on some type of substance.

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