Changes to Map Rotations in Season 3

I was on board until the whole removing some maps permanently. I just have to say... what the absolute fuck are you thinking? I'm seriously just speechless. There's fixing stuff that's unbalanced. There's temporarily removing it, even if for some reason it takes you two fucking years because of Operation Health 2 3 and 4, but removing it entirely? How much content do you plan on removing from the fucking game? If you're approaching the limit of your data sizes at this point, how the absolute hell do you plan on having 100 operators and a map for each? Unless of course you plan on the Polish map to set a precedent, which if you're pushing for only ESL maps to be in ranked is probably what you're going to aim for, no? I know it's a cliche thing to say, but that's pretty much it on money I'm spending for the game. I felt shafted enough from buying the season pass this year because of the simple lack of content coming out, but now you're completely removing content from the game? With the excuse it's to help new players learn maps better? What the... That's the point of being new! You play the game, you get your ass beat by players better than you, and you learn the game. You don't coddle players in a competitive game for not being Xx_leet360noscopesephiroth_xx from day 1. You let them practice, form groups with friends, and learn the frigging game. I'm being long-winded enough, but holy crap I never thought I'd be so disappointed in you guys as I have been this last week.

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