Changes Patch 5.4 Discussion Megathread

So does Riot actually hate DIVERSITY itself, although they always claim they want it?

Diversity is a word Riot often likes to throw around. Their goal is to achieve a diverse champion pool with unique characters. But with the recent changes in 5.4 it becomes obvious that Riot actually HATES diversity and want to push us players in one cookie cutter playstyle and direction.

  • Team compositions

It is pretty obvious that Riot loves the Top, Mid, Jung, ADC SuP meta the most and even promotes by creating even teambuilder and ranked teambuilder.

There are obviously pro and cons to this.

  • Pros Cookie cutter position without much communication needed for a random group of players.

  • Players specialize in one or two position.

  • Cons

leaves small room for creativity.

I'm not sure if anybody remembers this but in S1 there wasn't actually a set "position" meta like we have today. They were introduced by the european teams in late S1 and early S2.

There were times in S1-3 when Double AP instead of AP+ ADC was a common team composition but it seems like all of them died in S2-S3 because Riot disliked these kind of team composition. Kennen for example was a common adc/AP in the botlane but got nerfed until that wasn't viable anymore.

But these aren't the only team comps that got gutted by Riot.

-Poke comps

We rarely see poke comps nowadays because let's face it Riot disliked that kind of playstyle because getting poked at your turret and losing half of your HP isn't "fun" which is why they banished nidalee into the jungle and nerfed Jayce till he's just a joke of his former self with random appearances in OGN. Turrers also provide a shield which makes these kind of poke compositions even less viable.

  • Splitpush comps While some teams are still trying to make it work split pushing has actually become less frequent in pro play. We rarely see a game nowadays where a team wins by splitpushing simply because most splitpush champions got nerfed in some way. Riot also made split pushing less rewarding by not reducing the global tower gold. In addition to that towers are also harder to destroy (shield + laser).

It's pretty transparent that Riot wants us to play either a team based oriented,objective oriented or pick comp oriented playstyle, which is why they made the poke and splitpush comp unviable.

  • Item builds

Remember the good old times of AD Kennen, AP Tryn, AP Rengar, AP Trist or AP Yi? Looking back at it I'm not sure whether they were exactly "healty" for the game but atleast they were something DIFFERENT and DIVERSE. But lately I feel like all item builds are the same.

ADC = IE + Boots+ Shiv or PD+ BT JNG = Machete + something tanky + something tanky + a little dmg.

So yeah not only jungle diversity is an issue but there are also many other areas where the lack of diversity becomes obvious.

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