Changing majors

Psych student here! I love psychology, and there’s so much writing involved in the field, if you like writing you’ll do great. I also think it’s a very versatile undergrad, as the other comment pointed out, and you could definitely pursue journalism with a psych degree. I feel like a big part of undergrad psychology is to learn to think critically about yourself and other people, and that’s useful in every field.

The thing I’ve found to be difficult about the psych degree is that there aren’t many psych-related jobs that you can get with only a bachelor’s degree, at least in the US. Most counseling/school counselor/therapist/etc jobs require a master’s degree or a PhD, and to get into those programs is very competitive- you need to be involved in at least some research during your undergrad, and a lot of schools require a certain GPA, work/volunteer experience, and so on, not to mention how expensive these programs can be.

So it really depends on what you want to do. Like a lot of degrees, it is what you make it, and you could take it and go a completely different direction in your career, or you could stick with it and go on to get a graduate degree. It’s up to you!

If you want to transition to a psychology degree, I would recommend getting into a research project ASAP, even as a volunteer. Talk to your advisor about how to get involved in your school, and work out which classes to take. At least here, Psychology is awesome because it’s really lenient in which classes you need, so you have a lot of choice in your core classes which allows you to ‘specialize’ in topics like human development, counseling, social psychology, etc. My advice would be to take a junior level psych class if you can, and start the research- even if you decide it’s not for you, you’ll most likely be able to use the psych class as an elective for another major, and you can always use the research as a resume-booster, regardless of the degree you end up with.

Psychology is super fun, and I personally don’t think anyone can go wrong majoring in it. Versatile, lots of opportunities for continued education, and you get to pick a lot of your classes. Definitely worth looking into! Good luck!

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