Channel 4 News on Twitter: ""Who are you?"

Why don't you grow up you humourless bastard?

Grow up and find a 3 word comment so funny that you raucously scream, laugh and giggle for 5 minutes +? Just wait until the inflatable hammers come out!

You complain that the people who make the big decisions are sitting and having a laugh at work, which is a ridiculous complaint.

There's a difference between a laugh and taking something completely out of context, forcefully guffawing at a joke that warranted a smirk or a haha, and there's a time and place for that. The dinner hour. If you were sat in an office and disrupted the work place over a shitty joke to that degree and that time scale you'd be getting pulled into the boss's office. If you can't see what's acceptable and that there's a line then there's point in discussing this further.

They're human beings at the end of the day and many work best when not in a room of ultra serious drab people, it seems you would prefer a lower energy parliament, littered with decrepit old men discussing drab details of policy 24/7 rather than an active productive parliament.

I never said they couldn't have a laugh, but bordering on the ridiculous parody of themselves is a step too far. I'd rather have an active productive parliament than men acting like school children because really, what happens in there will never affect them to the degree it does the British public.

Get a sense of humour you sad prick

Sorry that my post got you so butthurt, you shouldn't get so upset over everything you read on the internet and then feel the need to attack someone so personally. To calm down you should go back to your role playing, make believe game on politics where that anger might be part of your character. You're definitely the epitome of maturity.

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