Chans and Asians blame China for ruining the "image of Asians " across the globe... But what about western emasculation of Asian men?

what's the 2nd time in 10 years? SARS was almost 20 years ago. The biggest pandemic 10 years ago was H1N1 which is the same as the "Spanish" flu (which came from Kansas).

calm down about SARS 2. it was first discovered in Wuhan and China provided the first genetic sequence. we still don't know the true origin. Doctors around the world are still looking for that. "Spanish" flu was called that because it was most reported in Spain, not because it was actually Spanish. That is a lesson to not jump to conclusions.

There's some evidence that there was something going on around the entire world, not just in Wuhan, in late 2019. China's supercomputer AI identified these "vaping disease" chest X-rays from the US in August 2019 as being similar to CoVID-19 symptoms. This is the outbreak of unknown pneumonia in North Carolina and another outbreak of unknown pneumonia at a nursing home. Italian doctors also identified hundreds of cases unknown pneumonia cases with similar pathology to CoVID-19 in Q4 2019. I hope you keep an open mind and acknowledge that science will continue to search for clues.

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