Chapter 43 Episode 15

Yeah felt the same. I never watched this season, as i hate the Furuya centered arc and i heard the animation was bad. I read THIS was the episode Sawamura is back, I also read that the animation was better...

It was absolutely horrible. A slideshow, some shots where the group is cheering Sawamura on, but you see them from the stands so it's a still image... It was horrible. That sucks because i rather watch the first two seasons than read the manga. But i'm 100% sure when i do a rewatch/reread, that i'll go to the manga for Act 2.

I'll watch the next episode, but i think i'll drop it quickly since the animation was just so bad it took me out of the episode itself. The manga has great art, and the anime manages to make everyone look so akward when they are talking, etc.

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