Character Application

Name: Rebekah Tozier

Age: 17

Godrent: Heracles


  • Strong AF: Small but mighty, she has always been stronger than expected of her. She can even enhance this strength during times of extreme pressure or extreme emotion. This can happen in one burst of strength, like lifting a car or enhancing the power behind her blows for up to ten minutes or until she has completely drained her energy, whichever happens first.

  • Confidence Boost: Bekah is nothing if not conceited confidant. Growing up she was called "a very brave child" because she was always the first to try things. In reality it was her distaste for going second that pushed her. As she got older, her certainty that she was capable of anything became more problematic. This is a passive power, however, she has been able to "push" her confidence on to someone else. With practice she will eventually be able to push it out in a 20' radius, but the effort is draining and often takes away her own feelings of pride.

  • Fisticuffs: She is naturally talented at hand-to-hand combat. This particular gift has gotten her in more trouble than helped her, but she is not someone you want to come to blows with.

Other Info: Has been attending summers and extended holidays on and off since she was nine.

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