Charleston School of Law likely won't enroll a 1L class in the Fall.

Rising 2L at CSOL here... Came here on scholarship after military service and 4 years of work as a legal assistant. This announcement hit us all as a punch in the gut. I had offers to most of the law schools in southern California (where I'm from), but decided Charleston was a better fit because of the horrendously shitty job market in California, the fact that I have family here, and I wouldn't mind settling in coastal South Carolina.

Now, I'm being told to shotgun transfer applications ASAP, get the hell out, and for the second time in as many years, uproot myself to a new city, give up my scholarship and any chance to get onto moot court, law review, trial ad, or any other supplemental programs.

It just doesn't compute that these fuckers leeched $25M in surplus cash (99% of which came straight from Uncle Sam), did god-knows-what with it, and now come to us begging for us to believe that this "was their dream" and that they're "heartbroken" that they fucked it all up.

The fact that I CAN get into another school is a small point of solace, but I still can't help but feel used, violated and worthless in the grand scheme of it. Nothing got to me more than the quote by one of them when he told the faculty that the profits of the school were supposed to be his retirement fund. It's still going to cost me at least $100k with interest to go to ANY other law school.

I hope these fuckers are exposed and embarrassed for their horrible mismanagement of the school. I just want them to realize all the students and teachers they've fucked with their greed, but something tells me by their collectively horrendous records on the bench that they stopped living in the real world long ago.

Honorable, ha! There's a fucking joke right there. They can take their titles and their dwindling retirement funds and shove it straight up their asses.

Done venting. Back to preparing for CivPro. Yeah, that's right... they dropped this shit on us during final exams.

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