Charlotte Church says she would pay tax at 70% to protect public services

I used to live a few doors down from Charlotte in an apartment block in Cardiff Bay.

She was a lovely person to talk to, but an absolute nightmare when she brought friends back at 4am on a Friday night.

She would have been in her early 20s at that point, before she started doing the whole dating other famous people and being in the Daily Mail thing.

I still don't understand why she's so pro-socialism and why she's so left-wing. Is it a symptom of the sort of people she'd surrounded herself with? Most of her friends were poor college students, who are naturally far left, and some hangers-on, but she gained a large amount of money in a relatively short period of time which you would expect makes one a little more right-wing due to wanting to protect ones wealth.

By the sounds of it she's pretty much wasted all of it on buying houses, weddiings and going out on the piss (which I can believe) and now she's possibly a bit angry at herself for wasting all of it and now turns with rage towards politics.

She probably has some royalties coming in still, but appears to be deluded:

Church reiterated that it was entirely legitimate for her to protest at the cuts while not herself being financially vulnerable: “Is it essential that I should have been through some personal suffering from the cuts to have empathy with everybody else? I don’t think so.”

I can empathise with her a little because when I did live next to her I had a pretty large inheritance and wasted it on taking a summer off and getting trashed. I learned from that experience and will never do it again. It was a part of growing up for me, and I only started caring about politics recently.

Now it's part of my life.

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