Charlotte flight to Bahamas canceled when Boston-area high schoolers refuse to wear masks

That would work, but I doubt the authorities and airlines would deploy that tool against a bunch of high school students, especially those of juvenile age. Never happen.

Kiddies: That was fun :) When you flying us to Bahama? Airline: When you buy a ticket, we'll put you in line for the next available flight. Kiddies: How long will that take? Airline: Can't say. Booked solid right now. With luck, a couple days. Kiddies: Ok. You'll provide free hotel and meals, right? Airline: There plenty of food places in the airport. You pay. Here's a map to hotels and motels with the airport area. I've circled the ones within a hour walk. Kiddies: Walk? Why would we walk? Airline: Because buses and airport shuttles, you're required by law to wear a mask.

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