Chat channel mechanics PSA: How to completely reverse a channel takeover.

/ban world2 Affliction /ban world2 Annah /ban world2 Aurra /ban world2 Beandemon /ban world2 Cadara /ban world2 Chillin /ban world2 Chogan /ban world2 Cryo /ban world2 Deathwish /ban world2 Deyis /ban world2 Dragontears /ban world2 Druidthor /ban world2 Felicia /ban world2 Fogel /ban world2 Griest /ban world2 Grumbles /ban world2 Halt /ban world2 Heydrich /ban world2 Horrigan /ban world2 Jariz /ban world2 Karndogg /ban world2 Kassafeh /ban world2 Kimsemus /ban world2 Loadsofmoney /ban world2 Lulzhelm /ban world2 Miou /ban world2 Naruga /ban world2 Navyseal /ban world2 Nephastus /ban world2 Oshimitsu /ban world2 Pif /ban world2 Powrwordbird /ban world2 Rageous /ban world2 Reinhard /ban world2 Rhalisan /ban world2 Ringulwen /ban world2 Salsa /ban world2 Spoonalot /ban world2 Stonepixel /ban world2 Talvox /ban world2 Tessabud /ban world2 Thordinor /ban world2 Thinkd /ban world2 Tyrs /ban world2 Valorheart /ban world2 Vercious /ban world2 Waylen /ban world2 Xedout /ban world2 Xenicide /ban world2 Zaee

Fifty players to start. I'll convert this to an excel spreadsheet and have one for /world and /world2.

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