Chattanooga public school teacher teaches students “how to torture a Jew”. Horrific story.

This is why, as a Jew, I would never live in the South or anywhere outside of a few places in the US, and now that I have a child, even less so. I grew up not in the South, but in other areas where Jews were an extreme minority, and I felt deep shame for my heritage and constantly had to hide it. I was treated as a sideshow freak once people learned I wasn’t a good Christian, and even worse, a Jew.

What happened at your daughter’s school was obviously blatantly inappropriate, but deep down, many non-Jews (I did NOT say all - calm down) feel this way. We are the “other,” and we are either there to be saved and shown the light, or treated as something strange to behold, or at worst, and sadly, quite frequently, to be despised and even harmed.

I don’t look Jewish (whatever the hell that means, but I’ve heard it a million times) so I’ve heard all manner of anti-Semitic comments in my life said in front of me, and had to hide my identity until I finally found my way to New York and now to another city with a very large and strong Jewish population. I will never let my child experience this. Sorry you went through this, but get the hell out of the South. I’ve never lived there, but I’ve lived in certain parts of California and the Southwest as a child and teenager, and can’t express the deep shame I carried for my heritage until I found a place where my people were much more normal and a mainstream part of the community. Plus once shit really hits the fan in this country, which it will soon, guess who the traditional punching bag for thousands of years has been.

Good luck to your family.

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