Cheaters of Reddit, just one question. Why cheat when you could've just left?

I have a TBI and my ex couldn’t handle it. He got furious me in public one day and said he didn’t want to be with someone whose entire personality was a list in a brochure about brain injuries. He only saw the changes in me and couldn’t see any of the rest of who I was. He had been cheating on me because he said he wanted to be with someone who was “real” and I wasn’t - I was just a list of TBI behaviours.

That was a long time ago and, looking back, it was difficult for every single person I knew. Back then I only thought it was hard for me, that it was only devastating for me. It can be very unsettling being in a brain injured brain.

I’m sure she’s changed, it’s a very real thing and it’s totally valid for both of you to mourn that - two years isn’t a long time for a TBI. But...she’s also not gone which is something I wish someone had said to me back then. My life is totally different than what it would have been before but it’s not a bad different - sliding doors or whatever.

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