Cheating in single player games

But that's simplifying and ignoring the social aspects of gaming. If you are a gamer and have friends who game and one of you has put time and effort into a game, why is it fair for the one who can't get through the game legitimately to view the same progress? Games, by definition, are an interactive experience, and interactive experiences require input from the one experiencing it to go on. If they can't fulfill the challenge by the game they are locked out. The only difference is one of player skill.

I say this because of personal experience with "single-player" gaming and people who liked to use cheat codes. My father used to have me beat a level for him, or he used cheat codes and then would brag about how he unlocked everything for beating the game two-plus times when I did most of the bosses or he had cheats on. And people at school who cheat and talk about how easy a game was. It's just a big fat eyeroll from me every time.

I admit I have never had a good experience with someone who uses cheats and so it puts me on edge every time I hear about it, and that is a personal issue. But the idea of someone cheating to get the same content I got through legitimate means strikes me as someone fundamentally dishonest or weak-willed.

Again there are huge exceptions to this and ultimately if someone wants to cheat they should have the right. I admit there are times when I replay through old games and the time-sink I have to put into them to get to a point where the game itself opens up puts me off from playing them. If only there were cheats to use to get past long loading screens or great walls of text you've read a million times... or a token from a previous save that lets you skip a dungeon. That would be cool.

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