Check In - April 29, 2023

Happy almost birthday!!

Hope the headache gets better soon. And good luck with the ED.

Monetary stress is difficult, harsh, and stressful. Gosh. Hope whatever self-care you do on Sunday will let you be able to be the awesome librarian you are. I really just doubt my ability to put personal life things aside and be a smiling librarian. I was able to do it as a personal banker at Wells Fargo in 2016-2018, bracket personal problems and smile for customers, and even then, one of my customers who was my friend on Facebook complained to my manager about my anguished posts. I had set it up to hide my posts from my manager, who was my friend on FB, so the manager was extra surprised. He was concerned of course, and when he sat me down, I used the opportunity to ask to go home early and sleep, which was granted. I think some of my smile for customers energy is permanently or long term depleted/ traumatized from the Wells Fargo years, so I admire for example if you were able to make it to work on Monday. And—if you call out sick or have to go home early on Monday for course you know all of us support you and care just the same. Hopefully your FMLA benefits will kick in again — or, I wonder if there is a salary based librarian job somewhere — or I wonder if disability accommodations can somehow renegotiate your sick days so you still get paid even on sick days.

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