Checking out a neo-nazi

Cool so you can read a dictionary or google the word and copy and paste the first thing that comes up.. I disgress.

I don't understand how someone can support the concept of a nation, something that in all reality doesn't exist outside of our heads, over the welfare of human beings, entities with the same feelings, wants, and desires as your own.

Easily I won't pay for it i'll pay my taxes and extract all my wealth while voting against the system in place. I will continue to take all of my excess cash out of banks so they can't fractionally lend my money and use it for my own interest in assets that further my own personal wealth until this nation reflects my interests or I find a nation who does where I will take my excess wealth. I have no obligation to save others to my own detriment the entire country doesn't, we have no obligation to assist any refugee or third world country including foreign aid.

And if you feel like it's a protection of culture; culture is not synonymous with nationality. My region of the nation I live in has separate cultural identity than other regions of the same nation. There's very little that links me to other geographic areas of the country I was born into. I just don't get the idea of an overarching national culture that needs to be so stauntly defended

Ask the Native Americans how that turned out for them. In fact rather than giving it away they fought with their lives. The majority i.e 90% that were accepting of foreign nationals died due to diseases that were brought to them through no fault of their own other than non-exposure. Would you take your same ideals to parts of Africa where the black plague and ebola are destroying lives everyday? The current course of society is inviting foreign interest to overwhelm our own. Our nation, laws, and customs protect you whether you accept it as your culture or not. Your way of life is not accepted anywhere else in the world and you should be well aware of that.

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