checkmate conservatives.

Made this point to another person but I’ll say it again because I feel it is very important. Teachers can’t be effective if they act like robots and don’t relate to students. They can have a huge positive impact on students lives, but they can’t do that if they never show any of their personality to their students. For example, I was a terrible student who was on the verge of not graduating high school, but I had one teacher who I could relate to. We would talk a lot and he was probably the biggest influence in turning my life around. I worked hard in school now I’m in to college which I never thought would happen. Hundreds of kids could give you similar stories about how that teacher helped them and improved their lives. Now think about all the kids helped out by all the good teachers around the country, it’s a lot of people. A lot of people who have lived successful lives partially due to inspiration from good teachers. If teachers only talked about geometry many people would be worse off and there would be many students left behind

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