Checkmate feminists

Don't even get me started on this bull shit. Being a Computer Science major, who happens to be a fucking white male, ruins my chances to get a job. This is not necessarily just Computer Science related shit either, almost all tech companies have specific minority hiring shit in place, such that there's kids in my classes who I would argue aren't even competent enough to wipe my ass for $20 an hour, let alone get "Hello World" to print on the fucking command line, without asking me how to write a fucking print statement.

Now, no I am not racist, I am not sexist, if some fucking space alien came down and he was better than me for the job, nailed the interview (assuming they didn't just give him an interview, because that race bull shit they ask you on the application,) then give that other worldly alien the fucking job! They deserve it!

But, if you fucking won't even give me a mother fucking interview, because I have to put white on my applications, but you'll give anyone/everyone who is not a white male an interview, even when their resume and skills are severely lacking compared to my own, then that's not fucking right.

I'm all for hiring anyone who is right for the job, no matter where they're from, but if your school program starts coming under flak from the University for not being diverse enough. Then, that's some fucking bull shit. Just take in everyone on a skills standpoint, not some fucking racial bull shit.

Take for example, one of the only black guys in this major got into an argument on Facebook with mainly white girls and white guys, and one half black girl, whom were all trying to convince this guy that he was oppressed and he needs to fight for diversity in his program for minorities. For like 300 fucking comments, a lot of white people tried to convince this black guy that he was oppressed, and the whole time he just stood his ground and everytime he made a valid point, they'd get upset, and ask him to please not speak to them in that tone. Like, wtf??? (I can post screenshots of some of the conversation if anyone is interested, it's actually quite humorous)

TL;DR minority hiring is fucking bull shit, I don't care who I work with, or who gets a job over me, as long as they are actually better. Not just because they're a minority. Race, religion, or where someone is from shouldn't even be part of the fucking hiring process. They should have HR run by Hellen Keller to eliminate bias.

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