Chem Warriors OP

They are a 60 Tiberium unit they are meant to be tanky and die when matches vs equal output of shock and boosted shock troopers.

I run Jade decks and my lvl 10 chems handle lvl 11 shocks when I’m in position first which is fair.

I think it’s well balanced. Gives jade some interesting finishers when APC’s take over the field and even allows jade to take out an avatar with a chem trooper + jade missile if done right.

It’s far from over powered. They would be unplayable at 80 Tiberium. Wheels usually wreck my chem troopers pretty easy or heavily damage them and then they die to the shock trooper also coming at them.

The most OP deck is the classic NOD agro deck with Seth. It counters everything. I lose to this deck with a jade chem deck often and so I don’t think Jade or the chem troopers are over powered it’s a nice balance where she is viable as a commander but still not that popular.

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