Chemtrails sprayed in a disturbing pattern over Melbourne: What are they doing to us, and why today?

Oh boy! I have waited for the day that someone challenges me in my field of expertise! I'm an Airspace Specialist and literally study / design airspace.

You are correct that MLB has E-W aligned primary runways. But that is the only thing you have been right about.

MLB airport has MLB VOR located at it. VOR's are Very High Frequency Omni-directional Range radio navigational aides for aircraft. VORs basically form and operate the oldest form of airways in the united states. Airways run between VORs and in straight lines. MLB VOR has two airways on the south side and two that run N away from it. V3 and V492 run S and V3 continues north while there is a V437 that also runs north. See below image taken from aeronautical charts...

These paths you claim are N / S make even more sense for an airway as vapor trails are more prominent at higher altitudes. These airways have a primary surface that is 4NM either side of centerline and a secondary area that extends another 2NM beyond that on either side. A 12NM route does essentially cover the width of the county, and ATC assignment would dictate the aircraft's exact route within the airway most of the time. This is why they are lined up, flying the same general path, and making the same lines.

You can have your tin foil hat back though.

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