The chicken dance is just embedded in the core mechanics of the player's movement

Explosive sprinting and constantly alternating speeds is still endurance over longer periods of time.

You don't get the long haul endurance training in martial arts but you still receive the "explosive" treatment combined with techniques to practice being as nimble as possible while doing them.

But it pisses me off when military guys always think they're the only ones capable of doing certain things in an online discussion, or at least insinuating it. In reality, in the face of adversity, the single most important training you guys received imo is nothing physical, but psychological: "not shitting your pants when being under fire" When you see the news about the IS attacks in Europe, there's only a handful of people that succeeded in reacting quick and rational in order to save themselves or other people, most just go in shock.

My long term cardio is fairly average nowadays but I've always been really strong at explosive kinetic events. If you'd ask me to sprint towards a building, sidestep into a small opening and jump behind a piece of cover I could still do it.

You can sidestep with that weight, especially if you distribute it more around your body instead of having it in 1 area (which I assume you do, as I see a lot of kevlar vests with magazines attached to the front, etc). Having it all in 1 area would increase the inertia of your movement, which wouldn't affect the first sidestep much, but it would affect the second one when changing direction.

And I'm very much aware of how much a gun weighs, which is probably more common in the US, but over here in Europe (in countries whom no longer have obligatory military service), if you ask people of my age if they have held and fired a gun, most would say no. I had the opportunity to learn how to shoot when I was 17 and did so, figured it would be useful "just in case". I would still have to learn how to clean my rifle and deal with stuff like jamming though if I were to be in the army.

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