Chief Health Officer statement: AstraZeneca vaccine

There is just too much shit going on with the AZ vaccine both politically and efficacy wise

The EU is blocking shipments because they all had piss poor preparation for the vaccines and didn't order nearly enough or early enough. Now the horse has already bolted and they're turning around chucking their toys out the pram and blaming the Oxford lot for their own failures. The UK has a right to be smug about their vaccination numbers, not because AZ came from a UK group, but because the only thing they have done well through all of this is be the first through the door with a massive order and that has paid off.

You will 'seek out and get Pfizer'? Good luck with that. AZ is around ~75-79% efficacy (still pretty good), sure it's lower than Pfizer and Moderna but I will sure as hell take ~75% over 0% and I will be able to trundle down to my GP to get it.

Also claiming Aus will 'ignore' the 'hiccups' (assuming you mean clotting reports) is ridiculous. As much as this gov. are screwing around in the rollout, there is no chance the TGA will continue the rollout if it is deemed unsafe, that's a sure fire way to end up behind bars for a very long time. This is emphasized by the fact Aus simply doesn't have the numbers to make our own calls on the risk, there will be a big reliance on the data coming out of trials and rollouts in US/UK/EU. Will see what happens with the Victorian case they are investigating but I doubt it will be a showstopper.

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