Children May Be Driving the Pandemic After All - Spiegel - 11 Dec 2020

My neighbor's 2 children are in private school, so they are doing in person because the have "really small class sizes and can mange social distancing and mask wearing". I'm not buying into this but so far, they "haven't had any cases", call bullshit on this too. The quotes are from said neighbor. Ironically I see different people dropping her kids off from school and there's no mask wearing of the driver nor passengers in the car. She invited to come over for a glass of wine this weekend because he kids "are safe" and she gets tested weekly because she goes into nursing home facilities--uh ok, what about the people transporting your kids, what about the fact that you and your family went away last weekend with your "school friends"? How does she know what the hell I'm doing over here? Just because I'm not working but my husband is working with FIRST RESPONDERS everyday! Although my kids are online school, how does she know they aren't visiting other homes? People have no clue about transmission!!

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