Children need to be "taught a lesson" by men dressed as women

This is for the people who can't seem to get the general idea that black is trying to convey. I have a lot of experience with speaking fucktard as I seem to be surrounded by them. Allow me to translate what black was trying to say.

 "I don't support rape but anybody who is transphobic, including their children deserve to be subjected to some sort of innapropriate act performed by a tranny until they are scared".

  They proceed to say "I'm actually not a horrible person, and here's why. Trans people have been oppressed by their cis(straight) parents and it's time they learn a lesson via having a man dressed as a women doing something innapropriate to scare them".

 The tranny concludes her argument with "Bye you transphobic scumbag. I hope your daughter turn out to be a transsexual". 

Something along those lines. The level of fucktardery in this case is quite high. Not everyone will admit this but most of is have some level of fucktardery, it's just at levels that can for the most part be suppressed. Regardless, I hope this brought better light on to the ordeal.

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