Children of " I want to talk to your manager" parents, what has been your most embarassing experience?

Not a "talk to your manager" experience but my dad yelled at some poor woman who told him that we weren't allowed to bring our own food into the water park. He wanted to at least bring in the water bottles and she kept saying "no food or drink in the park." He kept saying "but it's just water" over and over again and finally interrupted her to just say "Forget it. If you're not going to listen I'm not going to have this conversation" and walked away. I was appalled and made him go back and apologize to her.

I love my dad and he's a wonderful father and person in many ways but the way he treats customer service workers is awful and embarrassing sometimes. He acts like minimum wage workers should give him the attention and service of a 5 star hotel concierge staff.

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