Children of " I want to talk to your manager" parents, what has been your most embarassing experience?

Finally I can answer one of these. My dad has an inability to be wrong. He just will not accept he is wrong even if given irrefutable evidence right in front of his face.

So one pretty chill day he takes me and my sister to KFC. Very nice, except he does not accept that the speakers in the drive thru lane are monitored by an actual person who can hear what you are saying and take your order. For some reason he believes them to be robots.

Now to prove his point my dad starts chatting up this 'robot' stating that it won't understand him because he's gone off script. Mortifyingly, he insisted this was the case even when the poor girl working on drive through tries to explain to him how the whole system works. My dad then asks what was probably an underage girl out for a drink, still believing the speaker to be a robot. There was a shuffle on the speaker and someone else came on the line saying we had to order or leave. My dad then orders normally as he now believes the robot has called for human assistant because it could not recognise the 'off script' language

Super embarassing for myself and my sister who were sat in the car and had to see the faces of the poor staff when we drove to the collection point.

My dad still thinks drive through speakers are robots and I've let him believe it.

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