China drafts new rules to "teach" foreign teachers not to bring any of those liberal Western values (like human rights) into Chinese classrooms

This will backfire on China. The first year that I taught there I was hired by a state-owned teacher recruitment agency. During our orientation session some guy lectured us on how Taiwan and Tibet belonged to China.

During the break I talked to a few fellow teachers and they said before the lecture they didn't even care abut Taiwan or Tibet. They were in China to experience a new culture and make money.

But this idiot who lectured us brought the elephant into the room. Now 35 new teachers were asking themselves, "WTF is going on with Tibet and Taiwan? I better look into this."

So you had 35 people who just wanted to teach English, didn't care a damn about Chinese politics, but they tried to force Chinese politics down our throats and everybody learned the truth.

That's called stupidity. That's called cutting off the nose to spite the face.

Go ahead China - teach those fucking classes and more people will learn the truth. I dare you!!!!!!!! :)

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