China has just cancelled planned trade discussions with the U.S.

1) The sources talks about the overall levels effects of the tariffs in US-China trade. The Chinese imposes significantly higher tariffs on American goods on average than America imposes on Chinese goods. FULL STOP. You can't worm your way out of these facts by moving the goal post and trying to look at different statistics to benefit the Chinese position.

They're higher for specific industries. Talk about those industries. Are we applying fucking tariffs specifically on those industries. You can't formulate a valid argument based on broad general assumptions.

2) I literally cited a source in my post that said Chinese industries are often exempt from or gets rebates/subsidies for their own VAT fees, which contradicts your claim. Your point about the VAT is irrelevant when VAT isn't even applied fairly and equally.

VAT is assessed after the tariff, and incorporates the value of the tariff. China is bound by WTO rules to offer identical tax treatment for domestic and imported products. VAT is collected regularly on imports at the border. Importers note that their domestic competitors often fail to pay taxes. VAT rebates up to 17 percent (a full rebate) are available for certain exports. The Chinese Government frequently adjusts VAT rebate levels to fulfill industrial policy goals. Exporters complain that it takes months to obtain the rebates and amounts are often miscalculated. Also, rebates are limited by local budgets and coastal provincial authorities often run out of funds for rebates well before the end of the year. The applicable rebate method varies according to the date the enterprise was established.

VATs fucked up for both importers and exporters. There's not even a fucking industry breakdown or significant details on this segment.

3) The biggest joke here is your complete ignorance of the actions and history of the CCP and your defense of the Chinese government. The Chinese government regularly ties political and economic issues together when they pressure foreign countries with economic methods when those said countries criticize China on human rights, aggressive expansion, meetings with Dali Lama, etc.

I'm not even defending the Chinese government. If you can't fucking read and comprehend properly in saying tariffs are fucking abysmal and your claims don't support them. I've never once defended the Chinese governments treatment of their citizens.

Edit: And if you want to dig into my comment history to attack me, I can do so as well. You're clearly another paid Chinese shill "Wumao" who parrots the Chinese Communist Party's positions in your own comment history. Half your post history involves hypocritically defending the CCP and claiming China can do no wrong while bashing whatever the current United States policy is.

Uhhh no. I haven't bashed US policy before. I've never bashed it under Obama. You haven't even read half my post history. Considering most of your post history is about total war and various video games with a post about not taking the bar after law school i can assume you waste a lot of your time on the internet. Current US policy is shit. That's what you fail to understand.

And no, I am not a Trump supporter - you'd know this had you actually read and comprehended my comments. But I'm not dumb enough to think Trump being wrong most of the time somehow automatically makes the Chinese right on this issue.

Now go back to shitposting for the Chinese government you Wumao.

Go back to the_donald or better yet failing the Bar.

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