China Launches First Type 075 Big Deck Amphibious Warship

but their formidable fleet of destroyers, nuclear submarines, future 12k cruisers and frigates

I wouldn't call them formidable yet. PLAN is largely untested as of now. USN plays up PLAN capbabilities 5x, because that's how US rolls. Since USN has contingencies for contingencies. Misadventures with a few destroyers/subs in IOR will ensure complete route of PLAN from the region, and that's where the part of CBGs comes in to play. Without a backup of 50+ flotilla of naval assets, not even USN would attempt such a thing.

6 by 2040 will be impossible

Actually it isn't that big of a task. If you had noticed the recent news of largest dry dock of 90k tonne being commissioned, things are moving ahead finally. We can build 3 carriers or 2 super-carriers in 15 years easily, if done in parallel with experienced companies like L&T, etc are given a fair chance. Funds aren't the main constraint though, its the tech like EMALS and Nuclear propulsion that's holding us back. We either have to make some deal with the US, or build our own fast. Ramp based carrier/super-carrier simply isn't feasible anymore, logistically and economically.

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