China offers Tesla's Elon Musk permanent residency

Correction: every country needs economic growth.

What you've effectively said is there is only one way to get there: an upper class that spurs it.

While I agree in many countries it's been shown to spur economic growth, I hardly believe it's the only way.

Imagine if the first time someone wiped their ass with toilet paper, they bunched it up, taped it to a power drill but and went to town. They had a steady hand, and it worked. Their friends saw it and all started doing it, because it got the job done. Sure, there were some inefficiencies: occasionally people bled out from the rectum, and when their drill batteries died they'd have to walk around smelling like shit. But they had a working solution most of the time. Consider for a moment that you may be promoting wiping your ass with a power drill, because we're too scared to experiment (which involves failure). Like, what if it turns out we can just use our hands to hold the paper? Power drill salesmen will tell you it's too dangerous and that you might get poo on it. But they have a vested interest.

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