China Says Guantanamo Bay Real 'Detention Camp' for Muslims

Is to make sure you're focused on what you have influence over and what you don't.

Then why not stay quiet and stay out of this? This thread isn't just Americans. American's aren't the only ones that care.

What I see is you coming into a thread to make sure the topic is US only. You are trying to force your opinions on others while telling others to stay focus on just the US.

Also no China has never come close to the atrocities western nations have committed.

And there we have. More repeating of CCP propoganda. It's 2022.

. And talking of China's atrocities, this Uygher situation is pretty normal. It's not as bad as the great famine or cultural revolution.

So because China killed tens of millions before, this atrocity in 2022 is acceptable? In other comments you are also defending Russian paid propaganda saying nothing should be done about it even as it divided America.

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