China’s wind farms can now produce more energy than all of America’s nuclear plants

Projected energy “needs” are grossly exaggerated, by not taking into account the results of a massive emergency war effort campaign for optimal energy efficiency, conservation, and appropriate technology…including R&D, especially on storage.

But even with presently deployable tech, distributed energy production for local use can meet virtually all local needs, without any “need” for nukes, or fossil fuels…and feed substantial excess power to the grid, as well, especially with long-needed upgrade of transmission lines and storage.

Massive solar “farms”, or even a few of the latest EPA approved nuke designs, may conceivably be appropriate for some of the largest scale urban or industrial applications…where those cannot be relocated to an area where a sufficient appropriate combo of solar, wind, hydro, tidal and geothermal power is available.

The main thing standing in the way of moar nukes presently is that the Industry is balking at EPA mandated safety and security regulations, which, go figure, Industry says are “too expensive”.

Which, considering Industry’s consistent pattern of practice these many years, does not enhance credibility of Industry “advice” or “science” regarding “energy needs” and how to meet them.

Then, of course, there’s still the problem of all the extremely nasty nuclear waste already generated, and to be generated, and wtf to do with it, which Still has not been resolved, with some old storage facilities starting to leak egregiously.

If and when the nuclear power industry is able and willing to resolve the costs and cleanup issues, subject to very strict EPA regulation, Ima willing to consider such deployment, maybe, if proven “needed”…and safe “enough”, scientifically.

Meanwhile, however, we need to go green all the way, soonest, to save the planet, seems to me.

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