China warns US over ‘red line’ after American ambassador makes first Taiwan visit for 42 years

Notice how you resorted to ad hominens because you have no real argument? I can tell how inbred you are just from your comment.

ad hominem!? Motherfucker, you started with the name calling, not me. Don't fucking spin that shit cause you have no argument. And you end your comment with more name calling, still no evidence.

I already posted evidence. Did you read it or immediately ignore the link and choose to stay stupid? But I'll give you some more evidence to ignore.

The Chinese navy has more ships, not more tonnage. The number of ships doesn't mean shit if they aren't even war capable. The chinese have more corvettes, patrol vessels, mine sweepers, and frigates to make up those numbers. Those aren't war ships. The US straight up decomissioned all frigates cause they're a useless waste of money. You said the Chinese have more airpower. Where's your evidence, cause it's not even close. The US Navy alone has more air prescence than China. How about you stop pulling shit out your ass. And did you delete your message? You fucking pussy. If you're wrong, own up to it and move on.

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