"The Chinese are much better than [the US] at looking at their society and getting what they want from trade arrangements. (47:07 to 47:46)"


I mean a lot of things Donald Trump says, there's 5% truth in it, but then the remaining 95% is less true than anybody who's ever used the English language.

There's a actually a kernel of truth [in Trump's platform] that was ignored by people on both sides of the aisle. The trade was not working for many people, and the Chinese are much better than us at looking at their society and getting what they want from trade arrangements, than we are.

My favorite example this is the Chinese made this deal where basically if you want to be a foreign company operating in China you have to work with a local partner. That's kind of a weird requirement. Well, it's actually kind of a genius requirement. You cause every company in the world to create a mentorship program for your entire like executive core, and you force the world's companies that want to come to your country to train like two hundred thousand executives over a period of years. That's brilliant! That's not free trade, that's smart trade.

The full length video (62 min) discusses the paradox of elite hoarding (esp billionaires) vs elite generosity (philanthropy). Specifically, billionaires profit off of unfair systems, and perpetuate inequity by when they are put in charge mechanisms for societal change (especially through philanthropy). Billionaires institute fake change rather than real policies, laws, movements to improve society. "My argument in a nutshell is that fake change is what you get when you put the people most with most to lose from real change in charge of change."

A good watch in general, but the issues they discuss aren't Asian-centric.

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