The Chinese Government has Begun Forcibly Removing and Destroying Buddhist Monuments

I have some good news for you. Unless you really screw up and commit some serious evil, you're not going to go backwards in reincarnative terms. According the the relevant belief systems, you've already been born as lower forms of life, and progressed past those forms.

Strive to do good in this life. Don't kill anyone or yourself, don't steal or try to hurt others, try as hard as you can to be an honest person. Doing reasonably well at that stuff will guarantee you are human next go 'round. And even screwing up doesn't mean a trip back to being a rabbit.

There are lots of ways to be karmically punished and still be human. Some human lives are pure hell themselves. And regressing back to sub-human forms is reserved for really, really evil behavior.

Hitler and Pol Pot probably aren't going to be human next time.

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