Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai claims to be safe in 30 minute video call with IOC chief Thomas Bach

I'm sorry, but I just reread the exact document you posted, and literally the entire thing, and that "girlie guns" thing is literally in quotes in a passage about wanting to limit the influence of Western bourgeoisie culture. Here's the entire quote:

  1. Resolutely resist pan-entertainment. Strengthen cultural self-confidence, and vigorously promote Chinese excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture. Establish the correct aesthetic orientation for the program, strictly control the selection of actors and guests, performance styles, costume makeup, etc., and resolutely put an end to "girly guns" and other abnormal aesthetics. Resolutely resist the pan-entertainment tendencies such as hype to show off wealth and enjoyment, gossip privacy, negative hot spots, vulgar "net celebrities", and bottomless review of ugliness.

Does that really sound like it's about promoting "manly men" to you?

I don't see how this is spreading lies. It's exactly what I stated about the document - that although it has the term in there, in context it's clearly about what's effectively cultural protectionism, with virtually no reference to gender besides the isolated term. You'd expect the rest of the passage to be about things like limiting showing men doing traditionally feminine activities and ensuring women are shown inside the home caring for children, etc if it were about gender. But none of that is in there, instead it's about promoting socialist values...just like how Canadian cultural protectionism is aimed at promoting Canadian values.

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