A Chinese's thought of being Asian during this

White people are circling the drain as a people. Maybe the slavic countries are able to create something for the long term Europe and north america gambled that they will forever and always be 'first world' and china, asia, south america, africa will forever be second or third world. But they come to realize that is not true. Countries like Singapore, South korea or regions like hong kong, taiwan, and china, are either fully developed or in the case of China rapidly improving.

The racism against asians is that they have no other ability to retain their white supremacy. And they realized that the cheating they did to china, to africa, to mexico, native americans, and india, the entire world is coming to bite them in the ass. They thought they would be able to keep all the countries down at a second world or third world level and get away with there atrocities that were religious and well above what was reasonable for their time and in their situation. The other reason is jealousy of what asians can accomplish and are in a good position to rise on the global stage, if china is to rise. That is my understanding of why racism is done at all cost to try to abuse asians. They are trying to get a reaction then destroy the asians.

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