Chip Kelly has no interest in adapting to the NFL. He's forcing the league to adapt to him.

I had one convo with you and you refused to acknowledge any of my points or answer my questions, I haven't been following you around.

So because I didn't get back to you it means I attacked you.

A. He has a slow release, bad footwork, slow mobility, a lot of his TDs were to open receivers or were simply bad balls that ended up being caught. Anyone who looked closely saw 2014 coming from a mile away. He lead the league in turnovers over the first 8 games, that's can't all be because he had an injured o-line. I don't want our QBs success reliant upon having the best OL and running game in the league.

Well, tough shit man. Every qb's success is dependent on run support and blocking, especially in Chip's offense.

As for Foles' shortcomings this season, I never refuted them. he obviously regressed, particularly his pocket presence and footwork, and I'll challenge you to find me saying otherwise. However I do believe it is correctable as we have seen the same issues in many young QB's who have gone on to have fantastic careers. As for his mobility I could personally care less. he had more rushing touchdowns last year than RG3 and Wilson combined, he'll find holes through virtue of the offense.

B. He gave us a lead, but a better QB would have had the game locked up by then. We picked Brees off twice in the first half and didn't have anything to show for it.

This is a ridiculous statement. Look at it this way, Drew Brees had a better defense than we did, yet he won on a last minute field goal. I'm pretty sure you aren't challenging his status as a top tier qb based on the fact that he shouldn't have let the game get as close as it was. Nick did his job, and he showed that he can put together a near perfect season. I think you just want a flashy exciting QB, and Nick isn't what you want, so regardless of what he does, you'll find something you don't like, as evidenced by him going 29-2, yet you saw it coming a mile away that he was gonna be a turnover machine.

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