Chippa Complete Upper .22lr with TWO 28rd Mags - $187 shipped

My comments reposted from here I have one of these and posted a short (well.. kinda short..) comment review in another posting about it: I actually recently bought one of these brand new in the box for $200 from a local forum. Going into it I knew what to expect. The upper receiver is polymer with a metal charging handle (which doesn't seem to come out), and a metal dust cover. Hand guards are standard a2 without heat shields, metal a2 front sight post (which is secured with a set screw instead of pinned on), and a metal a2 style bird cage which is also attached via set screw. Forward assist is plastic and non-functional. Upper receiver appears to be "milspec" and will accept a 5.56 barrel and extension, so you could also replace the poly upper with a standard aluminum upper. Again, I knew what to expect going into it. Pulling the bolt out I discovered that mine is a newer style but still kind of poorly made. Design is like the conversion bolts except the chamber is affixed to the barrel extension like a regular AR would be. The bolt slides on a couple rails which weren't precision machined by any stretch and caused a little bit of drag on the bolt. Extractor and firing pin are retained with a roll pin. Reinstalled the bolt after cleaning the moly grease off the face, loaded up a magazine and attempted to charge the rifle. Would not go into battery, so I tried a few different rounds and had the same result. Pulled the bolt out, added a drop of slip2k to each of the bolt's rails and placed aside. Tried to push a round into the chamber and was unsuccessful in doing so, so I clamped the barrel in my vise and removed the barrel from the upper and tried again. This time rounds easily drop into the chamber... WTF? Threw back together and it cycled via charging handle to empty out 3 28 round magazines. Installed a Troy fixed rear sight and checked alignment of front sight post. Some report they're canted. Range report: I picked the shittiest ammo I had and loaded up 400 rounds (Rem Thunderbolt). Took about 10 rounds to get a good "zero" at 50 yards which was easily replicated through several magazines. Of the 400 rounds I had 0 fail to fire, 3 stovepipes and 4 fail to chamber. Dammit if the stovepipes weren't 100% identical to what the CMMG conversion in my standard 5.56 rifle does; When the bolt opens there is a gap between the top front of the bolt and the inside of the charging handle and those little bastard casings like to get stuck up there somehow. Simple fix, fill in the charging handle with poly so there's no space. Final thought: Again, I knew what I was buying. You can physically adjust the round point of impact by applying lateral pressure on the hand guards because of how poor quality the poly upper is. Needs a little bit of work but for $200 I can't complain. Will take some detailed pictures, if you'd like. Threw together an album for you: Forgive the photo quality... I have an expensive camera but don't have a fucking clue how it works. Upcoming plans are to replace the upper receiver with an AeroPrecision aluminum "blemished" unit, a cheap ebay FDE floating handguard, and kinda want to try out the Magpul fixed carbine stock. Far as your question regarding accuracy... The jury is still out on that. If the weather is nice on Saturday I'll run up to parma woods and put a couple hundred more rounds through it and get back to you. I have pretty shitty eye sight so I don't have a good way to gauge accuracy of iron sights.. No problem hitting a good sized target at distance but can't "group" for shit with iron sights. Only time will tell, but for all the reviews I've read on how terrible this upper is, I'd buy another one for $200 in a hearbeat. If you're interested I'll follow up on Saturday if I can get more range time in. Since that posting I have basically completed the rifle and I'm very satisfied with it, even after realizing that I spent a lot more money than I should've putting it together. Reliability on functioning has literally been 100% and it seems to be very accurate. When I reinstalled the front sight post I didn't get it straight enough so the rear sight is adjusted way to the right, however even with my blind ass and a rear peep that's way too large I've no problem hitting a 6" target at 100 yards with it. 20-50 yards it almost seems surgical.. Hope this helps! Edit: One final thought. Do not dry fire this upper. The firing pin will dent the barrel extension causing failure to chamber / feed properly.

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