The "Chiv Cycle"

I wrote up this long ass thing one time about the skill levels in Chivalry for no reason.

Skill level 0: Rank 0-9 Low ranks who barely know how to play. Most do not combo, either panic parry a lot or rarely parry and just attack. Many will only slash, and if they do stab and overhead they will have a hard time aiming.

Skill level 1: Rank 10-19 The better players in low rank servers and the players just entering normal servers. Probably have figured out how to combo, and can parry normal attacks.

Skill level 2: Rank 20-29 Players getting close to around 100 hours in public servers. Know how to riposte and can parry ripostes decently well, may know how to feint and do basic drags. Probably have 1 class and weapon which they know the timings of pretty well.

Skill level 3: Rank 30-39 pubbers Players with a couple hundred hours of casual pub playtime. Probably know how to drag and spin, may or may not feint but know how to either way. This is currently the average skill level of players in a public server on most days.

Skill level 4: Rank ~40-45 pubbers, rank ~30+ comp/serious players Includes players with 400+ hours who have just played casually and never tried to get very good as well as some 200+ hour players who hang out in mercs duelyards and train their skills. Have pretty good drags and know how to parry drags pretty well. Will usually be near the top of the scoreboard in a public server. Will either do ok or get rekt in duelyards depending on who else happens to be there.

Skill level 5: Rank 50+ pubbers and Tier 3 comp/serious players Includes players who have over 1000 hours of casual play and those with 400+ tryhard hours who hang out in duelyards and may have played in a tier 3 clan. Know how to cftp and have a pretty good grasp of footwork, probably have experience playing with feints, though the pubbers may not use them often. Will probably be at the top of the scoreboard more often than not in an average pub server and will either rek shit or do about average in duelyards depending on who is there.

Skill level 6: Tier 2 comp/serious players Mostly players with over 1000 hours mostly spent tryharding and training. Will have pretty good feint reading ability, good ability to parry spins, good footwork and will know how to double parry. Can join any random pub server and be easily the best player on either team 90% of the time, will either destroy a duelyard 30-0 or be maybe one of the 3-4 best players there depending on who happens to be there.

Skill level 7: Tier 1 comp players Maybe 10 of these players exist in the world at most. In general they have 2000+ hours of competitive experience (although most players with 2000+ hours of comp still do not fall in this category), have played in tournaments and possibly made a bit of money playing this game. They have mastered footwork, parrying, using and defending against drags and feints, etc as well as anyone has, so a lot of the fights between them come down to mindgames.

Basically if you're 2 skill levels above another player you could potentially fight them like 50 times in a row and probably never lose.

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