Choosing Beggar really loves bags.

Is this even fricking real? I mean, MY GOD! How are there actually people like this out there? Last year I think I saw my first CB post and I was so blown away because I’d never seen or heard people really act like this. I thought, ok, shit! I guess I’ve been sheltered or something. Don’t get me wrong either...I’m not one of those fainting types. I’ve been around the block and I’ve met a LOT of people in my life. I was one of three women who worked in a pulp mill with a lot of hard, rough working men. Loggers, longshoremen, maintenance men, oilers, crane operators, boom boat guys, etc. and no, I wasn’t a secretary. I worked right alongside them. My grandma used to say if I wasn’t careful I’d turn “rough as a cob” like them and not to forget I was a woman. A lot of these guys were hard drinking, hard talking rough knuckled men with tar and grease buried so deep into the lines of their palms that it’d never come clean. They talked like you’d expect. To a lot of them, cursing was their first language. None of these guys ever acted like the shit you see here. The thing is that as hard and rough as these guys were, they were still respectful of the people around them. BeI don’t know what is going to happen with this world. I don’t know how we started treating each other this way. I’m sad. Now a CB post every time I turn around. Sigh.

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