Chris Mortensen: Brown's '90%' done with Manziel

Here is a small sample of posts from the browns subreddit (All of these posts were made on Nov. 23, 2014). This was during the Falcons game. Hoyer would throw INT, but would also have a game winning drive.

Yeah, he threw 3 INT and almost cost the team a loss. But he didn't. And this sample of post shows how quickly everyone was looking to jump off the Hoyer bandwagon (which was largely a goof anyway).

If you watched the whole season, Hoyer had been on a downward spiral for 4-5 games before he lost the job.

Wow 4-5 whole games. If that isn't giving a guy a chance I don't know what is.

Just for fun, here are Joe Flacco's stats from his first 5 games. Mind you, Flacco was picked 18th overall and should be pretty good right from the start.

In his first 5 games: the Ravens had 2 wins and then a 3 game losing streak losses. Flacco had 1 passing TD (another rushing TD) and 7 INTs. In 3 of his first 5 games he had multiple interceptions (2,2,3). He didn't crack 200 yards passing until his 5th game. He didn't crack 250 yards passing until his 12th. In 2 of his losses he scored 10 and 3 points, respectively.

Here are Mark Sanchez's (a 5th overal pick). He's finish the season with 12 TD and 20INTs. And many fans (especially in the AFC east remember his 5 INT game against buffalo. Year 2 he showed improvement...17TD to 13INT. Year 3, 26Td:18INT.

Look at guys like Manning (26/28) or Brees (17/16 and 11/15).

The point is that it takes more than 1 year and a couple of bag games to know whether the guy can play. Some guys turn into Peyton manning, some guys turn into Mark Sanchez some guys turn in Joe Flacco. While most teams take a couple years to figure it out...the brows are content to give a guy 8-10 guys.

Just keep churning, just keep churning

If you honestly think the browns (and fans) gave Hoyer a fair chance....that is the problem. It's the fact that one downward spiral of 4-5 games is enough to cause you to kick someone to the curb. Bring on the next guy.

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