Chris Whitty: society will have to learn to live with Covid in similar way to flu

As a society we should embrace fixes that benefit people and try to remove the ones that don't benefit people and intrude on society.

Social distancing, mask requirements, and all this sanitation theater needs to come to an end eventually.

For example, restaurants need to bring back the fucking condiment bottles and napkin dispensers to tables. But if they wipe them down more than once every 6 months, that would be a welcome change. Paper disposable menus are also nice too. Meanwhile the plastic barriers between booths/tables can go.

One of the things I'm incredibly disappointed hasn't happened yet in America is mandated paid sick time. If you want people to not spread a virus, don't make them choose between making money and not spreading a disease. It seems like every opportunity we have to benefit workers gets passed up because all our leaders, even the ones that claim to care about people, are beholden to corporate interests.

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