To the Christian trolls and Right-to-Life brigaders in this sub. . .

1) why do you think every pregnant woman is a victim? As far as I suspect, a larger percentage of the abortions are the result of consensual sex than they are the result of rapes.

2) a mole is something I didn't do to myself, as opposed to consensual sex. It's an unpleasant thing I do not wish to have in my life.

3) here's another example to better illustrate my point: if someone rear end hits my car in traffic and my stop light just needs some duct tape (morning-after pill) to stay in place for one hour until I get to the repair shop, I won't ask the person who rear ended me to pay for the duct tape I used. They will only pay for the result of the accident, which is the cost of the repair (abortion). Since it's my car (my body), I need to make sure to minimise the damage to it, therefore I make sure to get that duct tape (morning-after pill).

4) yet another example: one morning you find a bag of nasty cheeseburgers on the front deck of your house. What do you do? Report to the police, wait for them to document it, then remove the damn bag at your own expense and effort. You do not leave it there to rot and attract rotten meat maggots to your own deck. Minimise the damage. Similarly, if you have been raped, you take that pill, because it's better than to end up pregnant. On the cheeseburger bag, you don't expect the state to give you my tax money to pay for a maid, which you hire to pick it up only after it has already developped maggots. Don't want the maggots, take timely action. Don't want the pregnancy, take timely action.

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