Christianity is Haram: Xbox Live User Was Suspended For Using The Gamertag “Jesus Is Lord”.

I would agree with your stance, but not in this particular case, in which the bias is irrelevant, given the message sent by Microsoft itself.

I disagree. It's still one side of the story, and the message from Microsoft could've been in response to their: "IWillRedPillU" Gamertag too.

As you can see, he clearly was suspended for the content of his gamertag.

They don't suspend people for offensive Gamertags; they just change them to something else.

When a forced Gamertag change is imposed, the system automatically assigns a new Gamertag to the affected account, much in the same way a system-generated Gamertag is provided when you first sign up for Xbox Live.

They article shows they were actually suspended for "Harassment / Abuse / Threats."

If this user received a forced change for having the Gamertag: "xxJesusIsLordxx", then how come it's still available?

f a player is unhappy with the assigned Gamertag and wishes to change it, he or she may purchase a new Gamertag through the standard Gamertag change process. However, the Gamertag that received the forced change will remain unobtainable.

For example, the "IWillRedPillU" Gamertag can't be found.

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